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The Wine Rules


Gamay is a red grape variety, planted predominately in Beaujolais, France. In Australia it is produced in very small quantities by a limited number of quality produces. This early ripening variety is suitable in cooler regions such as NE Victoria, Yarra Valley and Tasmania.

The majority of Gamay wines from Beaujolais are light, juicy and easy drinking. The famous Beaujolais Nouveau is produced from Gamay. The distinctive bubblegum characters come from a process called Carbonic Maceration. There are also 10 villages in the north of the region producing “Cru” wines from predominantly granitic schist soil. These wines are well-structured, intensely perfumed wines, with ripe black fruits and will reward medium term cellaring. The “Cru” style Beaujolais wines are restoring the regions credibility, something that was lost due to the Nouveau movement.

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