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Salamandre Prune D'Ente (Blue Plum) - 10 Year Old Eau De Vie

Salamandre Eau De Vie
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  • An impressive drop for any top shelf lover
  • A revelatory spirit. Must try for any brandy enthusiast
  • Drink as a digestif with a bowl of assorted dried fruit

Notes And Details

Producer Name Salamandre Eau De Vie
Country FRANCE
Winemaker Jacques Gatinel
Colour Amber
Nose Nosing offers a superb and powerful combination of dates, figs, Turkish delight and muscat-like aromatics
Alcohol 46.0%
Palate Concentrated, semi sweet flavours include raisin, stewed plum, dried fig and spice delivered with a gently warming spirit, perfectly counterpointed by a fresh, clean and mildly tannic finish
Bottle Size 700ml Alcohol 46.0%
Case Size 1 Cellaring Ready, but will Keep
Variety Liqueur SKU SAFS10YO10
Style ID 13633
Origin -    
Sustainability None    

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