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Chateau Tariquet 100% Folle Blanche - 5 Years Bas Armagnac

Chateau Du Tariquet
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  • Brilliant 4 year old Armagnac
  • Start here and grow your knowledge
  • A delicate armagnac

Notes And Details

Producer Name Chateau Du Tariquet
Suburb EAUZE
Country FRANCE
Winemaker Yves, Maite And Pierre Grassa
Colour Golden-Yellow
Nose A fine, elegant, subtle bouquet with no austerity. The oak reveals a hint of vanilla, enhanced by traces of cinnamon and dried fruit. The esters produce cocoa and vanilla aromas.
Alcohol 40.0%
Palate A strong, well-balanced palate releases flavours of spices and currants. The finish has spicy undertones, with marked vanilla, prunes and dried fruit.
Bottle Size 700ml Alcohol 40.0%
Case Size 1 Cellaring Ready, but will Keep
Variety Folle Blanche SKU CTAR5YRO10
Style ID 13463
Origin -    
Sustainability None    

Best With Hard Cheese    
No other vintage available

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