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The Wine Rules

The benefits of buying En Primeur

Why buy en primeur?

Demand for some wines can exceed their supply, and it is possible that all of a grower’s wine is sold before it is bottled.  It can then be very difficult or expensive to obtain that wine at a later stage.  In addition, buying en primeur gives assurances about the provenance, as you are buying directly from the producer. You can also be certain of the conditions in which it is stored; buying at a later stage, perhaps when the wine is ready to drink many years later, does not enable control of these conditions. 

It has been the case that fine wine, in limited supply, has increased in price.  Customers have been able to sell at a profit.  It must be said, however, that there is no guarantee of this, and the price of wine (as in the case of many other assets) can fall as well as rise.  

You Benefit From:

The Best Price

At United Cellars we deal directly with negociants and producers to ensure the most competitive prices available. We have built an extensive network of suppliers to provide our clients with unprecedented access to the most prestigious wines in the world.Getting what should be the best price for the wine; this will nearly always be less than the future price on the open market. In particular the 2010 vintage being so highly rated by international wine critics, we are expecting significant pricing increases when the wines are finally released, although we offer no guarantee on final pricing.

En Primeur works to everyone's advantage in highly desirable vintages (1982, 1990, 2005, 2009 and now 2010). Allocations of the most sought-after wines are based on the level of support that négociants give for every vintage.  Given that these wines are sold all over the world the pricing will vary based on country, local taxes and currency exchanges.

When comparing prices you must be sure of whom you are dealing with and the terms of the purchases. As a lot of pricing in the market, does not include local taxes / GST & import duties, which are subject to change.

Securing wines that have limited quantities

In vintages of high demand, consumers can get a guaranteed supply of the wines they want, in whatever format (halves, bottles, magnums etc) they desire. Such wines may have very limited quantities and be difficult to obtain after they are released.

Each year's en primeur campaign has now reached such a level of importance that, each April, Bordeaux is inundated with merchants, journalists and enthusiasts, all tasting the new vintage and making their assessments, prior to the release of the prices.

Security Guarantee

Security Guarantee en primeur wines are shipped in the coming years, so it is of the utmost importance to buy en primeur from merchants of sound financial standing. A copy of all records related to En Primeur purchases are stored offsite at our Accountants, along with proof of sale and payment and ownership of the wines.

Our Accountants: Rothsay Chartered Accountants.
Contact Details: Paul Van Kouwenhove
Phone 02 8815 5400 Fax 02 8815 5401

Postal Address
GPO Box 542, SYDNEY, NSW, 2001
Physical Address
Level 1 / 12 O'Connell Street, SYDNEY, NSW, 2000

Cellar Angel

As a client of United Cellars you have access to your own Cellar Angel. United is renowned for the personal service we offer clients, with dedicated wine dealers who can take care of your every need, when it comes to wine.


Together with Kennards Self Storage, Australia’s largest self storage company, we offer state of the art temperature storage solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. This offers you facilities to properly store the wines for many years to come, protecting your investment.

United Cellars also offers in-bond storage at our facilities located in Bordeaux.

Register your interest here for en Primeur 2012 and let us know what wines we can source direct from Bordeaux to you.

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